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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  September 19, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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ou next fox news sunday. ning services, inc. . >> julie: developing right now on the fox report, hurricane igor, inching closer and closer to bermuda now. a powerful category 1 storm. tonight, we're live on the island nation. >> and a massive search for a group of 13 people in a break away religious sect putting an end to what some authorities fear could become a mass suicide. we'll have the latest details and i'm julie banderas and the news starts now. >> they had vanished virtually without a trace. leaving behind only a few goodbye letters and other personal items, hinting and disaster to come. but then, the news many had been waiting for. >> they're alive and well, that's the best news of the
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day. >> tonight, where police finally tracked them down, and what some members of so-called cult-like group said they were searching for. >> also, tonight, hurricane igor hits bermuda, ahead, where the strong storm could be headed next. >> plus, nearly five months after the massive explosion that triggered the worst oil spill in u.s. history, word tonight the blownout well is finally sealed. back on shore, the american woman jailed in iran more than a year is finally home and declaring her innocence. shourd meeting with reporters earlier today in manhattan. calling for the release of her two companions who remain in prison in iran. the 32-year-old accused of espionage insists she and her friends are not spies. >> my hope is that by learning who we are and how we came to
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be in this diverse and fascinating region of the world, directly from my lips, it will help clear up any doubt and end shane and josh's detention. >> shourd was freed last tuesday after officials in oman, an ally of course of both iran and the u.s., mediated a $500,000 bail. we don't know who posted that bail and peter doocy in the studio with the latest, hi there, peter. >> after 400 days in iran's prison, sar shourd is back in the united states. she expressed sincere thanks to the religious leaders of iran and no details how she was treated in jail and said at that prison left her spirit bruised, but not broken and fiance and friends were still in jail and should be relieved. the only thing they did wrong was accidentally cross an unmarked border. >> shane and josh do not deserve to be in prison, one day longer than i was. we committed no crime, and
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we're not spies. >> shourd was released for humantainer reasons, concerns amid her health and bail. the doctor in oman assured her she's physically well and with regard to her health, she said in arabic, praise be to god. she never lost her composure even talking about loved ones still behind bars. >> i stand before you today, only one third free. that was the last thing that josh said to me, before i walked through the prison doors. josh and shane felt one third free at that moment and so did i. >> shourd had to fly from dubai to washington and drive to new york because all flights in the city were booked from travelers coming into town for the united nations general assembly, travelers like iranian president ahmadnejad, he wants his good deed, releasing sarah rewarded. >> the u.s. government should
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make a humanitarian gesture to release the iranians who are arrested and detained here in the united states. >> though it sounds like he could be suggesting a swap. the mothers of the two hikers that remain in jail, requested to meet with ahmadnejad in new york, but haven't heard back and as sarah was leaving the podium. i asked her if she had a message for her fiance, with her hand over her heart, she said she did not and embraced her mother norra and left the room holding her hand. >> a touching news conference, peter, thank you very much. >> julie: the president, ironically, ahmadnejad is here in new york attending the u.n. general assembly and today spoke out about iran's nuclear intentions. we'll have more for that in a live report at the bottom of the hour. first, developing now, here on the fox report, investigators now trying it figure out the motivations of a break away religious sect that went missing in california and then
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prompted a frantic search overnight. that search ending just hours ago and in the middle of a police update, word came the group apparently in no danger at all. >> this is important to note. >> really? >> ladies and gentlemen, we just found them. yes, they're alive and well and they are at a park here in the antelope valley. they're at jackie robinson park and they're alive and well, i was just given that update. >> julie: and i interviewed him earlier and he said at this point there has been no evidence that this group was indeed planning a mass suicide. still though, the sudden disappearance of 13 members including some children triggering big alarms after items they left behind ominously, suggested that they were preparing for some catastrophic event. casey stegall has been following this developing story throughout the day and
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joins us live in palm dale with the latest details. hi, casey. >> julie, a happy ending to this. but it's been a bizarre day as the developments have been coming in literally by the hour. the leader of this group says that they were on a religious retreat and she says if they went on those kinds of retreats almost every weekend and she claims they had no idea that a massive manhunt was underway for them. they also claimed they had no idea why family members got so concerned and went to police in the first place to file a missing person's report. the group of 13 found praying at a local park this afternoon here in southern california, safe and sound. they even had food, water, and their pets with them. no arrests have been made because police say, well, no claims have been committed, but the group has been characterized as cult-like, by authorities, but the group says the whole thing is just one big misunderstanding. >> listen. >> you see me? i'm okay, my son, the dogs,
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everybody is okay. we eat leak you guys we drink the same soda you do. we don't see nothing bad. we're okay. >> appears to be an unorthodox approach to western religion. i think that would be a generic and as accurate as i can be right now. because we don't know what exactly their specific beliefs were. >> but here is what maybe does not pass the smell test. family members and police have been worried after the group left a bag before going to a prayer meeting early yesterday morning. that bag, it contains cell phones, i.d.'s and letters that said that they were going to see jesus, deceased relatives and they were waiting for an apocalyptic event and even saying goodbye. now, when reporters questioned them why they left those items hyped, we were told that this was a common practice when they attended these particular retreats in case the rap tour
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happened while they were away, but authorities aren't so sure and in fact, the group's leader says that they may in fact been put under a seek trick evaluation. authorities are take that these letters read more of a last will and testament which is why she has been placed under psychiatric evaluation for at least 72 hours. >> julie: all right. casey stegall, thank you very much. now, a weather alert for you and heavy winds and waves and rains, pounding bermuda as hurricane igor, they're gearing up for what forecasters warn could be a monster of a hurricane and igor is expected make landfall late tonight or early this morning. has islanders scrambling nor food and water and other supplies before igor's expected arrival and some remain optimistic the hurricane won't be as bad as predicted and has been
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downgraded to a category 1 storm. one that officials say remains, quote one of the worst to threaten our shores. rick leventhal on the southern shore of bermuda. good evening, rick. >> hey, julie. we're being buffeted by gusts here, hurricane strength. the sustained winds on the island clocked around 60 miles an hour or 70 miles per hour or more. tomorrow the lights flickered here more than once and we've lost internet as well and certainly the storm was much more powerful earlier and could have been a lot worse, but take a look how powerful it was, down at the beach. less than two hours ago. >> this area, normally of beach used by guests of the hotel and completely chewed away. and the water recedes take a look at boulders down there normally buried under several feet of sand and now completely exposed because of
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the churning wave action. some of the waves so powerful they're splashing over top of that 30 to 40 foot cliff wall and hitting the third floor balcony on the can does and that's where the guests have been moved because it's considered the safest area near, this where we're standing is a restaurant patio at least one railing has been knocked off by the churning waves and if you look over the side here, check out where the beach used to be, where the edge of the concrete and bottom of the patio is. now, all of that chewed away by these ridiculously powerful waves. waves. >> and we could hear and see the waves tonight, julie, getting even bigger and we're told to expect hurricane force winds throughout the night, then more tropical storm force winds throughout the early hours tomorrow and then officials can go out and survey the damages on the island, julie. >> they're going to have a lot to survey i imagine. what about power outages, half the hour is without power?
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>> it was tough getting that kind of information on this end since we've lost internet and can't get in touch with some of the people. their cell phones may be down that we've been talking to throughout this storm. so, that's entirely possible. this hotel's going out of power, but it has underground cables to supply it with power and tests it through hurricane fabian through 2003 when most of the rest of the island was in the dark, julie. >> julie: all right, rick leventhal, thank you very much. bp's blown out oil well is finally dead. retired coast guard thad allen saying a permanent cement plug successfully sealed the well at the bottom of the gulf of mexico. pressure test saying it will come. five months after a deadly explosion there, sank that drilling rig and led to the worst off shore oil spill in u.s. history. a terrorist arrested in the same airport that the alleged
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as you remember a man accused of trying to blow up a plane in the u.s. on christmas day took off from there. one of the biggest names in the democratic party let alone the world of politics explains what he thinks caused the tea party win. president bill clinton, he says the grass roots hits a nerve with most americans and that's not all. >> the tea party insurrections you see in the republican primaries reflects the feeling of a lot of americans that they're getting the shaft. that the people who, who caused these problems, first of all, the is banks responsible for the financial meltdown, they've gotten well again and everybody's got money again, is in that business, but ordinary people don't. then they think the government that didn't exercise appropriate oversight, everybody there still has got
7:17 pm
a job and health insurance and can make a home mortgage payment, send their kids to college and they can't. so, there is a general revolt against bigness. >> and mr. clinton was also saying in regards to the tea party quote, i don't know where they stand, but i get why they are popular. and the fallout from a tea party upset now intensifying matters for republicans in alaska. but incumbent republican senate lisa murkowski insisting her decision to battle for her job, does not harm the g.o.p. as we told you last night on the fox report, murkowski is staying in the senate race after she lost to a tea party favorite. joe miller, but today, even murkowski admitting, she has a distinct advantage or disadvantage, after all the names of her two challengers will be on the ballot come november. murkowski's will not and both democrat scott mcadams and miller have the reported
7:18 pm
muscle, the political parties have to offer. anyone wishes to vote for murkowski must be able to spell her name. in other words, they have to write murkowski on the ballot and some political watchers say that such a procedure potentially leaves the door open for legal challenges. only time will tell. julie kirtz has the latest from alaska to washington. >> the future alaskan senator isn't giving up the seat without a fight even though some are calling her a spoil sport. her decision to challenge the republican nominee joe miller as a write candidate will not undermine the party and national television to accuse miller, a tea party favorite endorsed by sarah palin of being too extreme. >> he is suggesting to us, in my opinion, and in the opinion of many, many alaskans, pretty radical things, we dump social security, no more medicare,
7:19 pm
let's get rid of the department of education. elimination of all ear marks. >> miller fighting back for the first time since his victory turned into a three-way general east lex race, two republicans against democrat scott mcadams appears on fox news sunday. miller said that murkowski is out of touch with alaska and a desire by voters to slow down government spending. >> so, i think that really, she's just got a real disconnection from reality in anything that the voters in alaska are extreme. >> miller won the g.o.p. nomination by 100 votes so it was close. but senator murkowski faces a stuff job as a write in candidate. although voters have to spell her name on the ballot and spell it correctly. >> julie kirtz, thank you very much. the u.n. prepares for a special gathering of global leaders. among them president ahmadnejad. what will he say to the world's council and what kind
7:20 pm
of reception can he expect her in the u.s.? plus, one of our nation's foremost military nations weighing in on the war in afghanistan and what he's saying about our progress on the ground next. ñyyup>when o a really mediocre job.
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>> well, georgia police are asking for your help to find a missing teenager. they believe this missing 15-year-old, his name is it marco gonzalez is still in the atlanta metro area and hear is what happened. he was reportedly abducted on friday during an apparent carjacking. police say gonzalez was listening to music in the car apparently with his cousin, when two men allegedly stole the car with gonzalez still in it. his cousin was able to get out. detectives say they need help identifying this man, he's in
7:24 pm
his early 20's, believed to be rmd an and dangerous and in possession of that stolen car. police believe he was-- it was gonzalez with him at the time. is the u.s. winning the war in afghanistan? the man who once was the nation's highest ranking military official and a former secretary of sta secretary of state colin powell says he's not so sure. powell saying even though generals say they're making headway, it's hard to tell if we're beating the taliban or the taliban is moving from one place to another. this comes as some afghan election observers say they have serious concerns about potential fraud in this weekend's parliamentary elections and officials just started counting the results. a process that could take months. >> former secretary ever state. colin powell casts further doubt on the strategy in afghanistan.
7:25 pm
powell told nbc's meet the press he isn't sure if the u.s. is winning the war or if the current strategy is working. the general did address the obama surge and questioned whether the afghan government is strong enough for the plan to work in afghanistan. election officials are beginning to count ballots from saturday's parliamentary election. outside they say they were marred by widespread irregularities and they told fox news today that considering the circumstances, the vote was a success. he admitted it wasn't a perfect election, but said it was an improvement over last year's corrupt presidential battle and ikebury credit the current u.s. strategy for success. >> we can't see progress being made. it comes slow, steams there are setbacks, but clearly, yesterday, if it was a good day, for a democratic representative government of afghanistan to move forward, yeah, it's a great day for america. >> despite the upbeat tone,
7:26 pm
ikebury did urge caution. much of last year's fraud happened after the vote and so he and other observers say this is the beginning of the process. after a string of bad news in afghanistan, iraqbury and other officials are taking this as a positive sign of progress, julie. >> julie: connor powell, thank you very much. it steaeems to come with the territory, comments coming back to haunt political candidates today. today, republican senate candidate christine o'donnell addressing a remark she made more than ten years ago about witchcraft. what she said coming up next and a record catch for an alligator in a south carolina county. that woman actually caught that thing. the woman who was on the other side of the fishing pole who snagged this creature.
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purina one improved with smartblend. discover what one can do. >> this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news, a dramatic end to the search for 13 members of what police called the cult-like group in california. cops say they found all 13 people safe, praying in a park in los angeles county. the group which included two toddlers, young as age three.
7:31 pm
vanished overnight and cops say some members left behind goodbye letters saying they were going to be in heaven with their dead relatives. that led investigators to fear the worst, but police now say everyone has been accounted for. . >> hurricane igor approaching bermuda and packing pretty strong winds. the category 1 storm expected to make landfall late tonight or early tomorrow. but the island's coast battered by huge waves, take a look, hundreds now gathering supplies, preparing for the storm's wrath and igor expected to bring several inches of rain and forecasters are warning of severe coastal flooding. an american hiker held more than a year in iran is finally back on american soil. sarah shourd calling her arrest a huge misunderstanding and saying she and the two men still in custody, they are not spies and iranian officials accusing all three of espionage and arrested sarah they don't know who paid the
7:32 pm
$500,000 bail to free her. and the president of that country holding shourd's fiance and friends touching down in the u.s. iran's president ahmadnejad arriving in new york ahead of the general assembly gathering at the united nations. ahmadnejad not wasting time sending his message to the u.s. and the rest of the world. as you probably know iran continually denies it wants to develop the world's most destructive weapons. today, ahmadnejad restating that claim in an interview with the associated press. he said, and i'm quoting, we are not afraid of nuclear weapons, the point is that if we had in fact wanted to build a nuclear bomb, we are brave enough to say that we want it, but we never do that. molly henneberg is live with more in washington. >> hi, julie, secretary of state hillary clinton says that the p 5 plus 1 nations, we'll hear a lot about that, the permanent five members of the u.n. security council, u.s., britain, china, russia,
7:33 pm
france, plus germany opens to talks with iran at the u.n. with the controversial new program, but so far, she says iran has not agreed to it. they've imposed four rounds of sanctions and this morning president ahmadnejad dismissed them in an interview with the associated press, saying the united states administration must recognize that iran is a big power. we have never sought to dominate others or violates the rights of any other country. it is clear the future belongs to iran and that embassies will be fruitless and sanctions, too, will be ineffective. ahmadnejad also met today with u.n. secretary-general moon. as for the sanctions, secretary of state clinton says they have and will continue to affect the iranians. >> the information we're getting is that the iranian regime is quite worried about the impact on their banking system, on their economic
7:34 pm
growth because they've already encountered tough economic times and this is making it more costly. >> secretary clinton says that iran needs to permit full nuclear inspections by the watch dogging iaea. and ahmadnejad says his nation is not blocking those supervisions, but the iaea says some inspectors have not been allowed to do their jobs inside iran. >> molly henneberg, thank you very much. >> christine o'donnell addressing a decade old comment that she made that resurfaced after her win in delaware's g.o.p. senate primary and o'donnell making light of an appearance she made on a talk so in which she said she dabbles in witchcraft. here is part of what she said on the former show politically incorrect with bill maker, i'm quoting, i dabbled into witchcraft. i never joined a coffin, but i did, i did, i dabbled in witchcraft and i hung around
7:35 pm
people who do these things, i'm not making this stuff up, i know what they told me they do. references the comments during a visit to a g.o.p. picnic. >> that witchcraft comment on bill maher, i was in high school. how many of you didn't hang out with questionable folks in high school, but no, there's been no witchcraft since. if there was, karl rove would be a supporter now. [laughte [laughter] >> so, put that to rest and move on to what we're going to do. >> julie: as you just heard o'donnell referencing fox news contributor karl rove, he raised questions about her candidacy. a woman catches a 900 pound alligator and a wild rot tonto
7:36 pm
mate toe throwing contest, two stops as we go around america. south carolina it's alligator hunting season and catch out the monstrous catch. a 13 foot alligator weighing in at a whopping 900 pounds. this is one of the biggest gators ever caught in berkley county. the hunter, a woman from massachusetts she caught the gator with her fishing poll and battled for nearly two hours to get it to her boat. it was enormous and this part of it coming out of the water and the big belly and saw his head, his head had to come out. >> according to south carolina rules you have to secure the gator and get it near your boat before you're allowed to shoot it. the gator was so large, she was still moving even after she shot it eight times. a knife wound finally put the gator down. new york, those pesky bed bugs
7:37 pm
closing down another popular new york city business. this time nike's huge flagship store niketown. the company says it's trying to get rid of the problem quickly and hopes to reopen soon. the bed bugs have also caused big problems at other manhattan businesses, including a movie theater in times square and the empire state building. wisconsin. 200 people in milwaukee going wild and throwing rotten tomatoes at each other. >> it's skweshy tomatoes at people's faces that you know. >> okay, here is the story, it's part of the fourth annual tomato rot put on a business district and the day started with a bloody mary from local bars. >> you can't get hurt, you can't do-- tomato the, we thought we could kind of own. >> julie: and own they did.
7:38 pm
that's a fox watch across america. mourning in san bruno california. the scene of a deadly gas explosion. families prepare to lay to rest one of the youngest victims of the disaster. a winter wonderland. snow making an unwelcomed appearance, you're not going to believe where. we'll tell you where next. yellowbook has always been crucial to your business,
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>> a family one of several grieving a loved one killed by a gas line explosion and fire that destroyed a california neighborhood. tomorrow, 20-year-old jessica morales will be laid to rest. yesterday family and friends gathered for a memorial service to remember a vibrant young woman studying to become a fashion journalist, her younger brother, just one person who paid tribute. >> she can come back, she was a great sister.
7:42 pm
from when she supported me and for everything for me to make me happy. >> julie: jessica was trapped inside her boyfriend's house when disaster struck. he suffered serious burns trying to save her. four people are confirmed dead from the september 9th disaster. three others are listed as missing. a pair of car bombs ripping through iraq today. the attacks happening in baghdad as commuters from starting the work week. the worst violence in iraq since us declared a formal end to combat operations there. the attacks underlining the challenges, security forces says and stabilize in the region and police say one bomb went off near a branch office of the national security ministry and 21 people killed, more than 70 wounded, the other blast moments before near a mobile phone office, ten people killed there. pope benedict xvi wraps up his
7:43 pm
visit to the u.k. with events in bedroom. and part of it was to beatify henry newman. for most of his u.k. tour the pope was smiles. on friday, british police arrested five london street encloers for an alleged threat to the pope and a 6th person later. acting on a tip, police detained the men. the investigation is ongoing. snow buried parts of new zealand as we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> india, two gunman on a motorcycle shoot a pair of taiwanese tourists in new delhi. happening near one of the biggest mosques, believes they were targeting foreigners, hosting the upcoming
7:44 pm
commonwealth games. teams around the world attending. taiwan, a powerful typhoon tears through the eastern part of the country. dumping more than two feet of rain, at least 45 people were hurt and thousands forced to leave their homes because of the threat of mudslides and flooding, more wet weather is in the forecast. >> malaysia, a colorful festival kicks off in kwaul lampo. it's known as the moon festival. popular with the chinese community, which makes up 25% of malaysia. new zealand, a winter blast hitting the south island and a lot of people aren't too happy about it. heavy wet snow has crushed roofs and damaged buildings. tens of thousands of homes are without electricity and that's a wrap on this fox trip around
7:45 pm
the world in 80 seconds. more brutal murders in mexico's ongoing drug war. this time, police officers are the latest victims and what hapts to them is right out of a horror movie. and hurricane igor swirling closer to bermuda, as we speak the island bracing for the worst tonight. an update in a live report koep next. coming up next. ♪ [ female announcer ] something unexpected to the world of multigrain... taste. delicious pringles multigrain. multigrain pops with pringles.
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>> the death toll continues to climb this mexico's bloody war with the drug cartels. the authorities in the southern state report they have now located the bodies of eight police officers who disappeared on friday. many of the victims have been
7:49 pm
dismembered. a 9th kidnapped officer miraculously survived the massacre and investigators won't say who they suspect was behind the gruesome murders. guerrero has been a battle ground, the home to the tourist hot spot. acapulco. a check back with rick, where they're battlings against hurricane igor, huge 15-foot waves are founding the beaches and islanders are rushing around doing last minute hurricane prep work, boarding up windows, stockpiling good and water, and forecasters are predicting that igor could hit bermuda full force later tonight and the hurricane has been downgraded to category 1 storm it's worried it could cause some serious damage to the island. rick is in south hampton keeping a close eye on what's happening there. what's it like where you are? >> we're getting hit pretty hard now, julie, on the
7:50 pm
southern edge of the island. i don't think that anyone is boarding up this hour. if they didn't get board on the windows by now, they're inside hunkered down. we're getting steady winds of 60 to 70 miles per hour and gusts above that, as igor gets closer and some of the waves that are hitting the cliff right in front of us, are splashing over that cliff and hits us. we're about 60, 70 feet above the ocean. take a look at video we shot around five o'clock eastern time. you can see how ferocious the surf is from above and then when we go down below down to the beach level you can see how powerful the waves and storm surge are and again, remember, this was a category four storm, downgraded now to a category 1 and this was a few hours before the worst of it was set to arrive. certainly expect some coastal flooding along bermuda's southern edge. we know a number of trees down, and again, power outages to at least two-thirds of the island. we're told 21,000 of the
7:51 pm
35,000 bermuda company customers are in the dark. that's about two-thirds of the 64,000 or so residents on this island. so, widespread power outages could get worse, we're told the crews will head out at first light when the winds are expected to die down somewhat, julie. >> julie: all right. thank you very much, great reporting today as always, rick, thank you, stay safe. new legal trouble for a well-known hollywood actor. actor randy quaid and his wife facing burglary charges, why he says it's a mix-up, fans up in arms, he left cleveland to go to miami to play for the heat. why he's one of the most hated in america. that's coming up next. ♪
7:52 pm
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>> miami puts the hurt on bret favre and the vikings. who is the most hated man in professional sports? it may not be who you think. tiger woods. our friend from fox is here, all right, peter, start with the vikings, a big upset this afternoon. >> and the vikings everyone talked about them being the favorites, and they come down to the first home game and play the dolphins team and dolphins go up to minnesota and shock the vikings on the road and brett favre won all home games in minnesota and he lost the first one today and favre was beaten up all over the place and may not be a story book ending for the 41-year-old quarterback. he was intercepted three times and the minnesota vikings and everybody's favorite now orb 2 headed into week three, pretty crazy. >> julie: poor guy. let's talk about michigan
7:56 pm
state's miraculous overtime win against notre dame. what happened after. >> this is a wild story. pretty crazy here. mark dantonio the coach of michigan state showed guts here. a fake field goal in overtime to beat notre dame, a major game and go to the locker room and the coach, mark dantonio, a 54 years old. said i'm not feeling well and take him to the hospital. it turns out he suffered from a heart attack, underwent surgery and put in a stent and say he's day-to-day as far as when he returns. successful surgery, but has a heart attack after he makes one of the gutsiest calls ever and one of the biggest from michigan state history and now ranked at number 25 and a lot bigger things to worry about than football on this one. >> thank god he's all right. lebron james, a lot of heat since leaving cleveland in july and now a rather dubious honor, tell us about that. >> a company called q-score
7:57 pm
and they tell you about the most well liked and disliked athletes in the world. >> right. >> turns out that lebron james, who was always one of the most liked athletes now is number six on the disliked athletes list and let's give you a look here. >> no surprise. >> michael vick, not the nicest guy, the dogs in the pass not the nicest and tiger woods or kids in this matter. number two and terrell owens and ochocinco people are sick of them and kobe bryant problems in the past and lebron james made the dubious list, number six, a rougher summer for lebron with the decision, but i don't think he expected to be on the most disliked athletes list with michael vick and tiger woods, some of the biggest sports villains they are. >> i'd go with the list there. peter, thank you very much. >> thanks, a lot julie. >> julie: actor randy quaid and his wife are facing burglary charges after a california home owner say the quaids were living in his home without permission. detectives say the quaids claimed they owned the property, but further
7:58 pm
investigation found the couple had sold the home several years ago. the quaids are now facing felony burglary charges and this isn't the first time these two have been in trouble with the law. apparently last september, the couple was charged with ripping off an inn keeper for more than $10,000 using an invalid credit card and police say that bogus card was also used at another luxury resort in santa barbara. well, time for a final check on the top stories, sarah shourd the american hiker in iran more than a year, is finally home. shourd, her fiance and a friend were arrested near the border, and officials accused them of espionage, and shourd says they're not spies. five months after the start of the worst oil spill in history, the well has been sealed. crews pumped in cement to seal it and it's effectively dead. and they killed 11 people and led to a leak of more than 200 million gallons of oil and
7:59 pm
president bill clinton or former president clinton weighing in on the tea party movement in a sunday morning interview, he called it, quote, a revolt. and he doesn't understand what they stand for, but does understand why they're so popular. and on this day in 1957. >> nevada becomes the site of the first ever underground nuclear explosion. in this classic footage, you can see the damage the bomb did to a nearby house. the u.s. detonated a 1.7 weapon in an underground funnel north of las vegas, a view of the dawn of the nuclear age, 53 years ago today. and now, you know the news
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